The arrival of the New Year sparks off a Celebration wherever you happen to be in the World. Theres excitement all around, the mood is festive and the atmosphere is Jubilant. In Cape Town, the Minstrels Carnival procession starts at midnight and makes its way through the streets lined with crowds of onlookers, cheering and enjoying the spectacle.

On 2nd January, the procession hits the streets again, and the party continues as though it never finished. Jubilant is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of the Cape Town Minstrels Carnival, are my response to the prompt…

….the journey continues……..


Cape Town Minstrels Carnival 2015-112
Cape Town Minstrels Carnival 2015-113
Cape Town Minstrels Carnival 2015-116
Cape Town Minstrels Carnival 2015-120

Cape Town Minstrels Carnival 2015-126
Cape Town Minstrels Carnival 2015-64
Cape Town Minstrels Carnival 2015-73

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