State of Mind

I’ve often written about travelling to Europe during Winter, and the more often than not inclement weather. Grey skies, cold, rain etc on a constant basis can have a damping effect on your state of mind. So when I saw the “state of mind prompt” prompt for the weekly photo challenge this week, I looked at a selection of my images from my recent “winter” trip to Portugal. Images that were taken during or after particularly inclement weather, always seemed to have bright coloured elements in the image, perhaps my subconscious or maybe even conscious way of colouring up that dampened state of mind :-). Some of these images are my response to this weeks prompt.

….the journey continues………..
State of Mind
state of mind-3
state of mind-5
state of mind-4
state of mind-6

state of mind-2
state of mind-7state of mind

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