With temperatures peaking at 34degC on a recent visit to the Addo Elephant Park near Port Elizabeth, herds of elephants headed towards the few waterholes in the Park. It was intriguing to watch hundreds of Elephants co-ordinate usage of these waterholes. As if by some pre arranged programming, groups of elephants, sometimes as large as 50, would gather in the proximity of a waterhole. Whilst one group was busy drinking and splashing at the waterhole, all the others just grazed ad waited patiently. Then as if by mutual agreement one of these waiting groups, would in a very organised movement, always ensuring that the little ones were protected, slowly make their way towards the waterhole. As they approached the waterhole, the group at the water would slowly start to move away, allowing the approaching group free access to the water. This process continued for hours, with some groups even returning a few times, without any apparent disagreement, or confrontation. Just mutual respect, and a real sense of sharing the valuable resource of water, perhaps a lesson humans can learn form these intelligent animals.

Gathering is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of the various gatherings of elephants are my response to the prompt.

………the journey continues,,,,,,,,



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