Weekly Photo Challenge : Connected

As the sun starts heading towards the horizon, street lights on the larger roads leading into and out of Cape Town slowly become visible. From the top of Table Mountain, they appear like “illuminated” pearls on strands of a necklace, that appears to become longer as darkness slowly begins to take over. Before long numerous other smaller strands of  lights start becoming visible. The collection of these numerous strands  start transforming themselves into an illuminated necklace. At first glance the “necklace”  appears as an intricate, complicated array of lights, but on closer inspection, the pattern emerges,. Larger National and Regional roads stand out as they lead right into and out of the City, Suburban and District roads branch off these and this hierarchy keeps reducing until individual streets start becoming visible, like major strands that are connected to one another by this hierarchy of smaller strands. Images of this “illuminated necklace” are my response to the “Connected” prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week….

……………… the journey continues …………………



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