Weekly Photo Challenge : Muse

Regular readers of my blog may have noticed tha the Sea Point Promenade has featured in a few of my posts over the years. Literally down the road from the City Centre, the promenade is a lively walkway above the sea wall along the Atlantic Seaboard. Weather has a large influence in ensuring this is a changing environment. Anything from raging storms, high winds, dramatic clouds with crashing waves to perfectly placid waters with Seagulls and Paragliders floating over can be encountered there. Facing West, it is the perfect foreground for sunsets into the sea, which introduces another dimension. This dynamic environment has numerous photographic opportunities, and is a muse for many a photographer, myself included.

Muse is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and a variety of images taken along the Promenade are my response to the prompt.

……… The journey continues ……..






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