Weekly Photo Challenge : Intricate

A walk through Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar can feel a bit overwhelming, with a myriad of things to look at, crowds of people to wade through, and persistent shopkeepers trying to sell you anything and everything. It’s no surprise that there are a lot of Souvenir stores, many of them selling very similar things, trinkets, hand painted tiles and other ornaments, light fittings, carpets etc, and after a while it feels like you’ve seen it all before. However, if you take a moment to look a little closer at some of the things on offer, you realise how much intricate detail has gone into each of these pieces. Intricate is the prompt on the weekly photo challenge this week, and images of souvenirs at the Grand Bazaar are my response to the prompt………….. ………the journey continues………..


intricate intricate-2 intricate-3 intricate-4 intricate-5 intricate-6

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