Weekly Photo Challenge : Achievement

A sense of Achievement, demonstrated by Elation, joy, gratitude, tears, relief, among others were some of the emotions that I observed at the finish of this years Two Oceans Marathon. Dubbed the ” the worlds most beautiful marathon”, the 56km Ultra Marathon takes runners along some of the most scenic roads in the World. Achievement is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, images of finishers at this years race are my response to the prompt.
………….the journey continues ……………..

Two Oceans Marathon 2014_-164
Two Oceans Marathon 2014_-151
Two Oceans Marathon 2014_-128
Two Oceans Marathon 2014_-40
Two Oceans Marathon 2014_-92
Two Oceans Marathon 2014_-57
Two Oceans Marathon 2014_-27

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