Travel Theme : Connections

The Tall ship Sedov now owned by Russia has some interesting connections. Launched in Germany in 1921, named Magdalene Vinnen II, it was sold and renamed Kommodore Johnsen in 1936. After the surrender of Germany in the 2nd World War, the ship was given to Soviet Union as war reparation by the British. It has since been converted into a sail training vessel of the Soviet Navy. With 32 sails totalling 4.192 sq m, connected with a myriad of ropes and four masts, the number of connections on this ship are endless. Connections is the prompt on Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week, The Sedov was recently on a short visit to Cape Town, and I had an opportunity to climb on board, camera in hand. These are some of the images that represent my, perhaps different, interpretation of this weeks “connections” prompt…………the journey continues………..


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