Weekly Photo Challenge : Nostalgic

Walking through the Unesco World Heritage site in the village of Alberobello, Southern Italy, makes one a little nostalgic, not in the sense that it was a place you’d been once before, but in the sense of what the place would have been like a long time ago. Modern lighting and tourist shops have permeated the area, though the sense of place is still very much held together by the unique trulli constructions, still standing today. These drypacked limestone buildings, with domed, conical or pyramidal roofs made of corbelled limestone slabs are still the blueprint for buildings in the region today. Nostalgic is the prompt on this weeks “weekly photo challenge”..images of the “trulli” are my submission for this cjhallenge….the journey continues……….

1 thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Nostalgic

  1. I like the pictures, although I have to say that Alberobello is nowadays an umbereable place, there are many more small “trulli” in the area, but the town itself is a mere touristic place, I have been there once, and don’t really lokking forward to go back, but once in a lifetime can be worth visiting

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