Weekly Photo Challenge : Companionable

One of the free dictionary descriptions of “companionable” is “suggestive of companionship”. Recently I was driving along a country road and saw a large flock of ostrich in the distance. As I got closer to where they were I pulled over. They seemed to be pretty “companionable” 🙂 all just hanging out together on the side of the road. One or two of them were curious, and slowly started making their way toward me. Almost as if they were prompted, the remaining birds joined the procession to the fence, and before long, there was a huge gathering at the fence within arms reach of where I was standing, perhaps because they thought I was probably “companionable” too :-). This weeks prompt on the weekly photo challenge is “companionable” which is exactly what I thought this group of Ostriches was. These are some of the images from that encounter…………the journey continues…………..

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