Weekly Photo Challenge : Future Tense

This weeks prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge “Future Tense” says “grab an image from your world that holds the promise or portent of the future”. It also describes the image as one which has “anything that involves the present and a hint of the future all in one frame”. Indeed a challenge, and clearly a prompt to ponder.

In 1970 Africa’s population of Black Rhinos was 65 000. Within twenty years rampant poaching reduced  this number to just 3400, and this number is still plummeting. There is a huge drive to create awareness, anti poaching programmes etc that are hopefully creating some impact, but the reality is that the poaching hasn’t stopped. Declining numbers of Rhinos could mean a future where this animal becomes extinct.

Visit .(www.savetherhino.org) (www.stoprhinopoaching.com) for more information.

My images for this post are of Rhino’s at the Hluluwe National Park, in Kwazulu Natal, that could in the future be reaching the end of the road as a species, if this senseless poaching for their horns is not contained……………….the journey continues…………

future tense
future tense-2
future tense-3

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