52 Photos Project : Morning : Evening

Mornings and Evenings, the beginning and end of each day, kindof the two extremes, one getting brighter as time moves on and the other getting darker.
So when I saw Bella’s prompt “Morning : Evening” on the 52 Photos Project this week (www.52photosproject.com) it kindof prompted me to post about North and South in a similar way, so morning in Northern Sweden and Evening in South Africa (outer extremes of Europe and Africa). I suppose it should be sunrise and sunset in this case. While very similar in my opinion, because of the changing light, I still prefer sunset, the light seems to hang around a lot longer :-), whilst at sunrise, it just seems to speed up on you somehow :-). Bjuroklub in Northern Sweden is a beach that is literally rising out of the sea over time, east facing, it was a perfect location for the sunrise, and west facing Sea Point Promenade in Cape Town is a pedestrain friendly promenade that hugs the Atlantic coastline, provided the perfcet setting for Sunset. Images of these locations are my submission for this weeks prompt……………….the journey continues…………
morning evening
morning evening-2
morning evening-3
morning evening-3-0-1
morning evening-3-1
morning evening-3-2
morning evening-5
morning evening-4

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