Travel Theme : Mystical

Travelling more than 10 000km to get somewhere makes it quite a big deal when you finally get there………..nevertheless there are always smaller milestones along the way. I was recently travelling in Northern Scandinavia and had an opportunity to cross the Artic circle. Obviously, quite a milestone when you’re travelling there from wayyy down South :-). So, I guess there is an expectation of a huge fanfare, with flashing lights, marching bands, throngs of people, touristy shops, alarms going off etc :-):-). The reality though is that it is very different, or maybe it was just like that when I was there.

From the simple sign declaring “welcome to the Arctic circle, to the deserted parking area and accompanying buildings, it was very different to what I had imagined. But, when you get closer and vist the site of the imaginary axis, the place has a very mystical quality, coupled with the shallow angle of the setting sun, snow on the nearby slopes, the rapidly falling temperatures, and evidence that many had been there before me, just gave it that mystical feeling. Hundreds of little pyramids of rocks and stones, carefully assembled by other visitors over who knows how long, spread across the undulating landscape, some more elaborate decorated with flags confirming that they had been there, making their mark.

Ailsas weekly travel theme on this week is mystical, providing a perfect prompt for my post about the Arctic circle…attached are some of the images of my visit there………………….the journey continues………….

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