Travel Theme : Silhouette

Following hot on the heels of last weeks “sunset” topic, Alsa’s travel theme on www://, is Silhouette. Often interlinked with one another, because its not uncommon to find silhouettes in a sunset scene.

This week though, my post is about silhouettes at sunrise, the beginning of the day, rather than the end. I was recently out at the harbour at sunrise, and was amazed at how much activity there was at that time. I guess everybody has a work schedule or shift, and not all of them are 9-5.. :-). Anyway I was out there to get some images of the reflections of the morning light on the calm water at dawn. Shortly after I got there, the calm surface of the water was broken by a tug going out to sea, beyond the harbour wall. Not much later the tug returned with a ship in tow, with the sunrise as a perfect backdrop. The interplay of light on the water, ship, and the horizon, was amazing at that time of the day, creating wonderful silhouettes.

Todays images are some of the images I took on that morning…………..the journey continues……….

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