Travel Theme : Sunset

This weeks travel theme on Ailsa’s blog  www://, is Sunset. Considering I have previously done a post on this topic, I initially posted a link to that previous post. But…………….its such a wonderful prompt, I decided it warranted a brand new post just for this prompt, despite the fact that its already quite late in the week…….so thanks Ailsa for the inspiration…. 🙂

This time, however, I have opted to use some images within an urban context, previously, the sunset was in a coastal setting, with reflections in the water and beachside activity. So these images are from an office park, in a previously semi industrial part of the City that is undergoing some serious upliftment. As it happened I was on my way home, and literally walked into this sunset in the parking lot, with the City providing the perfect backdrop.

Fortunately, I had my camera and was able to capture some of the colourful drama. Todays post has osme of these images….the journey continues…………

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