Weekly Photo Challenge : Movement

The Baxter Theatre in Cape Town, opened in the late 70’s is a vibrant cultural hub pulsating with the finest in South African theatre. The building comprises a main theatre, concert hall and studio which together can house in the region of 1500 people. So you can imagine it is the perfect venue for this weeks photo challenge – movement. Obviously, there is lots of movement on the various stages every evening with the different events being held, but its a slightly different movement I’m referring to.
It is about the movement of people, yes these 1500 odd people when the theatre is running at full capacity, that arrive shortly before an event, mill around before it starts, then stream out of the venues at interval, and rush around getting some refreshments, or take a comfort break, perhaps have a smoke and or a chat, before they disappear into the various venues for the remaining parts of the performance, and eventually leave the building at the end of the performance. The central space outside the venues is the ‘transitional space” where these various movements take place, somehow it all happens in a structured way.
I was recently there and took the opportunity to shoot some of these different “movements” in the central space, ranging from patrons arriving and making their way to the different veunes, people queueing to get something from the bar/refreshmemt counter at interval, people just gathering at the tables with their refreshments, or maybe just making their way to the ablutions, and finally people on their way home. The central space filled with people is an absolute hive of activity, yet, when all the people are tucked away in the various venues, or on their way home the place is absolutely quiet, with no evidence of all the preceeding activity or any activity that was still to happen…hence my describing the space as transitional.
Todays images for the movement challeneg are extracted moments of this transitional space…………….the journey continues………….

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