Weekly Photo Challenge : Fleeting moment

I’ve had quite a few instances where I just happen to be in the right place and at the right time to witness a fleeting moment, however, there has been one small little complication…….no camera :-):-). So, when this situation started happening more frequently, I decided that th trick was to always take the camera.. Unfortunately, every now and then one is always without the camera.
I was recently on the road below Table Mountain, to try and get some shots of sunrise as it eased its way out of the horizon. Considering we are in mid winter, this is at a pretty decent hour (07.45am) so it didnt take too much effort to get there :-). The shallow wintersun is softer, emitting soft bands of light, which due to the orientation of the sun in winter results in some amazing sidelighting of the buildings in the City centre. This light reflects and bounces of buildings changing all the time, as the sun slowly rises, and moves north in the process.
So, my “fleeting moment” images are really about this changing light, how it penetrates the City centre, lights up and reflects off the buildings, how it creates amazing shadows on moving vehicles in the foreground , and mirror like reflections eg. on the stationary dark vehicle. Forunately, this time I had the camera with, and was able to capture these.
………..the journey continues……………

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