Travel Theme : Parks

Established in the 1650’s, nestled below Table Mountain, home to the Iziko South African Museum, the Iziko National Gallery, the National Library of South Africa and literally on the doorstep of the South African Parliment, the Company’s gardens are very much an essential part of the central City in Cape Town.

A favourite green relaxation spot for inner City workers at lunchtime, for a gentle stroll, or a spot for enjoying a packed lunch, perhaps a cup of coffee and a snack at the restaurant, or just a pause to watch all the activity. Always busy on weekends with families on picnics, friends just hanging out, couples just enjoying the open space, childrens birthday parties, and even a favourite photographic backdrop for weddings.

The Gardens are home to a rose garden since 1929, has a well stocked fish pond, an aviary, a Restaurant/Tea Room, Botanically and historically valuable trees, a herb and succulent garden, statues, large lawns and benches in the shade of some huge trees, including the oldest cultivated pear tree in South Africa.

It was also the venue for the recent “infecting the city” event, which saw numerous installations and performances happening in the gardens and the entire city. Held throughout the day and evenings, it was a wonderful opportunity for Capetonians to take in some “culture” provided on the house by the City. It was an incredibly vibrant time in this strategically positioned green space in the City.

I happened to be out there, camera in hand, to get some shots of the action it the garden. Some of these images are my post for this week’s Travel theme “Parks” on “Wheres my backpack”. It was wonderful to see how “normal” life in the garden was able to continue, despite the introduction of stages, etc. Those that came to watch, watched, and those that came to visit the garden, continued doing doing just that….:-):-)

………..the journey continues……………….

2 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Parks

  1. Mo,
    The last shot with the lady in red is truly amazing. It captures the moment and the drama of the dancer, like you are experiencing her grief, her pain. Its one of the best I’ve seen. Truly remarkable.
    Your friend,

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