52 Photos Project : Summertime Colours

The prompt on the 52 Photos Project for this week is “summertime colours”. Bella, who has been coming up with these inspirational prompts each week, has been super accommodating in asking those of us that are experiencing winter, to submit colours of our current season.

I recently posted about a visit to the little village of Barrydale. On this trip to the area, I came across this colourful field of vines, beautiful rich deep colours, backlit by the softer winter sun. I suppose those in the Northern regions would probably associate these colours to “autumn”, even though we are in the midst of winter. Today being the ‘shortest” day of the year.

So my images for todays prompt are some of my “seasons colours”. Vibrant and lit up by the weaker sun, absolutely perfect for warming you up on a winters day.

………………….the journey contnues……………………………………

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