Travel Theme : Secret Places

More often than not, when you discover a secret place, it is somewhere you’ve been before. Not necessarily as in to the actual spot, or the place for that matter, but in the vicinity.

Have you ever wondered (when you’re on a long road trip) about the numerous places you drive by as you’re heading somewhere. Some of these places may have roadsigns advising where to turn off, maybe even with a clue as to what it is, perhaps a farm, or a resort, or a weekend getaway place or a farm stall, a training venue? The truth is one never knows until you venture beyond that roadsign, into the zone that you’ve driven past so many times. Often once you enter that realm, the secrets of that place are revealed, and it becomes clear that all is not as mundane as it appears when you’re just driving past en route to somewhere else. I suppose the discovery in itself adds something to the “secretness” of the place, considering the numerous others who are just driving past unaware of what lies waiting to be discovered.

I recently visited one of the places that I had driven by many times previously, and found the secret places that others before me had found and others after me will still find, adding to their repertoire of “secret places”. This secret place was like an indigenous forest with a stream running through, filled with tranquility and colourful contrasts in the vegetation.

So my post for the “travel theme : secret places” on wheres my backpack has extracted shots from this “secret place”, perhaps these visual cues will provide some prompts for you to formulate an image of what this place was like 🙂 ………………..the journey continues…………….

3 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Secret Places

  1. I love discovering places that you’ve passed by over and over, and never realised were right there. Lovely serene photos of a secret woodland. xxx

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