Weekly Photo Challenge : Close

Barrydale is a little village about 2 and a bit hours from Cape Town. A quaint little place in wonderful surroundings. On a recent visit there, I came across a field with quite a few cows out grazing. They were just going about their own business eating, and chewing, followed by a lot more of the same. As I got closer to the fence, some of them stopped and lifted their heads and glanced at me, and before long just continued feeding.

A short while later, two cows, one clearly older than the other drifted closer to the fence. I assumed they were mother and calf, but I suppose they could also have been siblings. There was clear interacton between them so it was obvious that they were “close” in a family kind of way. At some point the larger cow moved much closer to the little one, and calmly proceeded to lick her ear..:-) the little one just stood there and enjoyed the attention. I imagined that must have been pretty ticklish, so was not surprised when I noticed the smaller one moving her head around occasionally :-), perhaps it was just to strategically direct the lick to a more appropiate part of her ear :-).

Fortunately, I had my camera with, and shot some images of this very close moment between these cows……………..the journey continues……………………………

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