Weekly Photo Challenge : Today

I took a look at the new Photo Challenge topic yesterday, and realised that seeing that I hadnt taken any shots during the day, my post for this weeks challenge would have to wail until I did….Well, I didnt have to wait too long.. I mentioned in a recent post that we are technically in mid winter, though with some of the wonderful days in between, you would think otherwise. My kitchen window has a view of Table Mountain, and its almost become customary to look out of the window towards the mountain, to get an idea of what the weather is doing.

So when I looked out of the window this morning, I knew I’d found the images for the ‘today” shoot. Winter sunrise is a lot later, and the light is a lot softer. The orientation of the mountain enables it receive these soft sunlight rays as the sun emerges from the horizon. This morning, there was a little bit of cloud cover too, which seemed to move around a bit allowing almost sneak views of the mountain bathed in this morning light. Fortunately, the camera was close by :-), so I was able to shoot a few images in between the cloud doing its covering trick. It seemed that the cable cars had already started their trips up and down the mountain, and made a welcome appearance in some of the images.

I happened to look out of the window in the late afternoon, and noticed that the setting sun had already started lighting up the western slopes of the mountain, which provided a completely different lighting scenario on the mountain……..ie. it was being lit from the other side..

So my post for this weeks “today” challenge are some of these images that provide slot views of table mountain in morning and evening light………..the journey continues…………

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