Travel theme : Rhythym

This weeks travel theme on “wheres my backpack” is about the rhythym of travel, and the rhythym of the places that one travels to. My last post following the travel theme prompt “street markets” was about umbrella sellers in Napoli. Ironically, my post for this week is a continuation of where the last one finished.

It had been raining most of the morning, and following my “umbrella” incident, I sought shelter in a coffee shop in the vicinity of where I was walking. Not far from there was the station of the funicular which ferried you to the top of the hillside that the Castle ovelooking the City was located on. It seemed like a good idea to get onto the next funicular and head to the top, at least the wait at the station and the short ride up the hill would be completely sheltered from what seemed like unrelenting rain.

A short while later, I emerged from the upper station, pleased to see that the rain had let up a little. So a gentle stroll to the Castle in what was now a light drizzle felt a lot more pleasant than trying to negotiate the downpour below :-). It was still very overcast and grey, with very muted light. The castle has an imposing view over the City, with Mount Versuvius towering over it in the distance. The City looked quite dull and almsot uninteresting in these severely overcast conditions. So, amidst all that grey sky the various rhythyms of the City seemed to be subdued.

And then without any notice or warning, there was an opening in the cloud cover and the sun shone through like a spotlight and just lit up this rather grey scene,  no, no, there wasnt a huge brass band or an orchestra churning out a melodius rhythym at the same time,:-) but all these subdued rhythyms just started emerging from the city below.

………….Rhythyms of blocks, and streets, and cars, and buildings, and colours, and domes, and windows, and doors, and satellite dishes, and all sorts of things that just seemed to emerge when you just looked around long enough.

So the idea of entering the station and taking to the Funicular was a really fortuitous one, for a while it also felt like some sort of just reward for enduring the downpour a short while before

Fortunately, I had my camera with and these are some of the images that represent my interprepation of “rhythym ” ……the journey continues……………


7 thoughts on “Travel theme : Rhythym

  1. I get it! The city looks so chaotic and cramped but I would love to explore whats hidden between those alleys.

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