Weekly Photo Challenge : Unfocused

Last night was the “supermoon” – the biggest and brightest full moon of the year – with the moon passing closer to earth than usual, something like 24 140km closer than usual…..and like many other lunar-tics 🙂 I was out there to check it out. I’m not sure if you actually notice the difference, when its up in the sky, perhaps you do when it emerges from the horizon.

I was out on Lions Head, a hill alongside Table Mountain, overlooking the City, trying to get a few shots. It was a bit cloudy on the horizon so the supermoon only revealed itself once it was above that. Quite amazing with the City as a backdrop. I stubmbled upon the remains of a tree, burnt in a recent fire and used it to add some foreground to my shots. Amongst the various attempts at shooting from this position I ended up with a few that were “unfocused” or I guess it would be more appropraite to say “unfocused” in some areas. I think the “unfocusness” adds another dimension to the image, though I’m aware that is a very subjective thing :-). Nevertheless, the last image in the series is one of the others that does not eaxctly fit the “unfocused” label, though is one that will give you an idea of the burnt tree I am talking about…………..

……….the journey continues…………………

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Unfocused

  1. My youngest daughter (5yo) saw your final shot and said, “Ohh! That’s my view! That’s my view!” I love it as much as she does. All your shots are great, but the last just…wow. Nicely done!

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