Weekly Photo Challenge : Together

My post for this weeks photo challenge is rather late. I’ve been away on a short trip considering we’ve just had a super long weekend:-). As it turned out, Friday last week and today were Public holidays, so it made perfect sense to take yesterday off and make it a super long weekend :-). Friday was Freedom Day, our democracy’s 18th birthday….the perfect occasion for the “Together” challenge, so despite the delay, I was determined to post some images anyway.
Undoubtedly, with such a broad topic, there are numeorous interpretations of this weeks challenge. I’ve chosen to go with some images I took on Fish Hoek Beach not too long ago. Fish Hoek is a little village about half an hours drive from the City Centre, with a wonderful beach. I was out taking some shots in the early morning, when I noticed some activity on the shore near where I was walking. Curiosity got hold of me, and I decided to walk closer and have a look. There were a whole lot of people in the water around what appeared to be a fishing boat. The boat had these timber beams tied to the boat and sticking out on both sides. As the boat got closer to shore a bunch of men from the group of people moved to both sides of the boat, each taking up a postion at one of the beams sticking out of the side of the boat. As this happened it became apparrent that the beams were for them to hold on to , to enable pulling, perhaps even lifting the boat out of the water and onto the shore. So as the boat got closer to the waters edge, “together” they pushed and lifted the boat to the shore. It wasnt long before the boat was clear of the water and secure on the shore, proving the theory ‘many hands make light work”
Fortunately, I had my camera and was able to get some shots of the action. A selction of those images are ny submission for this weeks “together” challenge.

…………………….the journey continues………………………………

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