Weekly Photo Challenge : Sun

Some time ago I wrote a post called “burning rubber” about a “drifting car competition. The post was focused more on the “drifting” and included some images of the competing cars. So, while I was out there taking the shots of these cars strutting their stuff, I noticed the sun amongst some serious clouds, it was quite interesting how the light from the sun was dfiifused by the dramatic cloud formation. It was while I was looking in the direction of the sun, that I noted this cameraman perced on top of a mobile crane, elevated high above the “drifting” arean, taking shots of the action. The perfect vantage point, with the sun from behind, lighting up the action below him. Considering I was on the other side, looking at the sun, the bright light of the sun amongst the clouds was the perect backdrop for creating a silhouette of the photographer and his assistant.

Rather unusual circumstances, having this crane and the photographer elevated and creating a silhouette. I took the opportunity to get a few shots and some of those are my submission for this weeks challenge…………………the journey continues……………

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