Weekly Photo Challenge : Two Subjects

I suppose this weeks Photo Challenge will result in numerous different interpretations of ‘two subjects”. I thought about my own interpretation and decided that I preferred the version where the two subjects were interpreted as “two subjects” each of which could have been an image on their own. Somehow, in my opinion though, the ones I have chosen, are each enhanced by the other, which kindof means that they belong together anyway.
Muizenberg Beach is about a half hours drive from the Centre of Cape Town. Its orientation allows it to create a perfect foreground for sunrise, througout the year, however, depending on the season, the alignment of sunrise is different. As we are heading towards winter, sunrise is becoming later, so the half hour drive to catch sunrise nowadays doesnt require loss of too much sleep :-). The amazing thing though is how popular the place is at sunrise, there are surfers taking in the golden waves, early risers taking their dogs for a walk, energetic others starting off with a brisk walk or run, some passionate souls just taking in the tranquility, and even a few taking the plunge for a morning swim. Of course there are the “ealy birds” trying to catch the elusive morning seafood catch :-), not to mention the photographer or two looking for some shooting opportunities.
I too, was out there recently, camera in hand, to try and capture the moment…………..amazing orange sunlight, filtering through the clouds, reflecting onto the gentle waves slowly rolling onto the shore…… providing the perfect first subject…………..place a few people into that image and the second subject completes my interpretation of this weeks “two subjects” challenge…………….the journey continues……………

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