Weekly Photo Challenge : Journey

My very first blog was entitled “Journeys”, so this weeks challenge topic is very much one that resonates with this blog. Considering that post was focused more on the generic idea of journeys, I figured that the challenge topic “Journey” necessitated a more singular or direct focus. So this weeks post is going to be about an aspect of the Journey.

I may have mentioned earlier in the blog, that I am an eternal travller, hmmmm……..perhaps I should rephrase that 🙂 I would like to be an eternal traveller, however economic realisties have not created a suitable opportunity for that to happen YET :-).  So of course Airports and aircraft always bring about a sense of anticipation for me, about the next journey, or maybe the one I am on, and the process of getting to whereever you’re heading is somehow an essential ingredient to the process. I get the impression that many people could quite easily give the travelling from a to b a miss, and actually rather only see the journey commencing once the destination is reached.

Not for me it isnt, I prefer to include that in the “journey”. You know, making sure I choose a seat I’d like, ensure its on the good view side, research what sort of aircraft it is and so on :-). So the last time I travelled, I hoped I would get an opportunity to fly in the airbus A380. As it turns out, our airport does not have a runway long enough for it to land on, so I’m left to admire the aircraft from a distance, at another aiport while on a journey somewhere :-).

Ironically, on this trip, I had the opportunity to see this huge aircraft while on a journey, seated on another aircraft. Looking through the little window of an aircraft you get quite a different perspective of the goings on at an airport, or from the air for that matter,  interesting little details of the outside can be framed inside the window, depending on your position relative to the window.

Having the camera with me during these “journeys” enabled me to create these selected “framed” images indicating different aspects of the “journey”

…………..the journey continues”………………….

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