Weekly Photo Challenge : Arranged

I’ve already posted a few times with images from my trip to Southern Italy, and this weeks challenge is going to be another. I guess I must be having withdrawal symptoms from the holiday already, so posting images is probably my subconscious way of getting a “fix’ :-). It was during the festive season that I was travelling, so you can imagine that there were numerous examples of “arranged” all over the place, with celebratory decorations on streets, in and on buildings, at stations, at airports, in shopping malls, and in individual shops, not to mention peoples homes. I posted on the “regret” challenge about a rainstorm in Naples, well, this post is “kindof” a continuation of that day. Shortly after the rainstorm, I stumbled upon the Galeria Umberto, dating back to the late 1800’s reputed to be the grandest interior in Southern Italy with an extremely impressive domed rooflight towering over what must be at least 50m above the ground. Two arcades crossing one another with a huge circular domed rooflight at the intersection.
Ok! I guess that sets the scene :-), so this grand building was wonderful respite from the rain, and the venue for this weeks challenge.
Suspended from the Central circular domed rooflight was an “arrangement” of reflective mirror type balls, some silver and others in a turquoise sort of colour. The cool thing about them was that the entire galeria was reflected in each of them, notwithstanding where you stood and looked at them from. Fortunately, I had my camera with, and a selection of these are my submission for the “arranged” challenge ………………………….the journey continues……………

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Arranged

  1. The architectures are magnificent and you have delivered them to readers through beautiful elegant photos.

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