Weekly Photo Challenge : Through

The first thing that strikes you about this weeks challenge topic is the number of opportunities it presents. Ironically, any image one posts actually already falls into the category “through” by virtue of the fact that the image is “through” the photographers eye or through the photographers lens for that matter :-).

Considering that, I chose to take a more literal approach to this weeks “through” topic. As posted previously, I was recently travelling in Southern Italy, on this occasion in Napoli, and was fortunate enough to be in a hotel room that had a huge terrace, and amazing views of the City. So I took the opportunity to get some shots from this incredible vantage point. There were shots at sunrise, shots looking towards the harbour, shots with Mount Versuvius in the background, shots towards the old city, shots of the dramatic skyline etc.

The terrace provided really good wide angle shooting opportunities, though I did notice that from inside there were incredible framed views when shooting “through” the doors, and the window. Naturally, these were perfect for my “through” submission. I tried some shots shooting through an open window, which resulted in wonderful reflections of the neighbouring buildings on the glass. Other shots were through a closed window with just the inside “blackout shutter” open, also resulting in some amazing reflections on the white board.

Todays images are a selection of the shots i took, one of the images even has Mount Versuvius in the distance…………….the journey continues……………

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