Weekly Photo Challenge – Unusual

The Argus Cycle Tour is the largest individually timed bicycle race in the World. Yep! Those familiar with this blog will recognise the South African superlative – “largest” :-). The annual race comprises a cycle tour traversing the cape peninsula travelling along both sides of the world famous mountain and taking in some of most scenic roads in the world – yep! most scenic, 35000 entrants, and one of the 3 largest sporting events in the world – superlatives all over the place :-).

By now you’re probably wondering whats the relevance to unusual, well, a race thats size is pretty unusual, wouldnt you say? Neverthless, I had something else in mind for this post… I took some shots at last years race, though the weather was a bit strange, overcast and with not many decent shooting opportunities. This years conditions were perfect. I ‘ve been playing around with slower shutter speeds, and wanted to try and get some shots depicting the movement of the bicycles, rather than the usual freeze frame moment. So, some unusual shots depicting the movement of the bikes. Easier said than done :-). I’ve included a couple of images of the start, to demonstrate the numbers, remember the start is staggered every few minutes to deal with the sheer volume of people

Perhaps not everybodys idea of  nice images, but unusual results, definitely :). So for the challenge, pretty appropraite 🙂  I would say the experiment had a mixed degree of success, not entirely there, but some potential.

But, this is a journey…and this submission is a step along the way…….the journey continues 🙂

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