Weekly Photo Challenge : Contrast

I guess this weeks Photo Challenge topic is going to have numerous interpretations, as the possibilities are just endless. It is an exciting time in Cape Town at the moment, the City is hosting numerous events under the banner of “Infecting the City”. In a nutsell, there are various events spread throughout the City, ranging from live performances, some dance, some music, some theatre, some exhibitions, some installations, and more. These are free and a wonderul way to get some life into the amazing Public places in the City.

I went along to a few and while I was at one this morning, I had the idea to use it to interpret my submission for this weeks challenge. Prior to arriving at the performance by an orchestra on the Public square outside the train station, I had just watched a colourful dance routine at another venue nearby. So, arriving at the orchestral performance was quite a contrast to start with, and the contrasts just seemed to continue. The monochromatic outfits of the band mambers were in complete contrast to the colourful ones at the previous venue, just as they were in complete contrast to the colourful outfits of the spectators.

I walked around taking some shots, and noticed the black and white contrast on the score sheets being used by the musicians. Further contrasts could be seen in the shiny instruments that were reflecting the monotones, as well as the contrasting colours of the spectators.

I managed to take a few shots amidst the crowd, some of these are my submission for the the “contrast” challenge………………….the journey continues…………………..

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