Weekly Photo Challenge : Down

We are almost at the end of this weeks challenge 😦 with the new challenge due to be released tomorrow. Must be something to do with the leap year and the 29 days in February that had me thinking it was earleir than Thursday.

So, I figured I should get my challenge images out there, better late than never 🙂

This weeks images are taken from Signal Hill, which has a road straddling the top  offering views of the other side of Cape Town, opposite Table Mountain. There is an incredible drive that straddles the top of this hill and finishes off at a viwing point at the top of the Hill. I was there recently and had an opportunity to look “down” on the City. The perspective is amazing, as it is elevated, but also not too high to prevent everything is not recognisable.

The elevated viewpoint offers panoramic views that include, the Atlantic Seaboard, The 2010 World Cup Stadium, The City Centre, the Harbour, The Waterfront, Table Mountain and lots more. Depending on the time of the day that you’re out there, there are diffent aspects that you get to see.

I was there around sunset, when you get the warm glows from the setting sun, providing a wonderful backdrop to what are alaready amazing views 🙂 Fortunately, I had my camera with, to capture some very appropraite images for the “down” challenge…………….the journey continues……..

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