Weekly Photo Challenge : Regret

I guess everybody must be quite relieved with the on time release of this weeks challenge topic :-). Perhaps the WP guys regret releasing last weeks topic late, hence the topic for this weeks challenge “regret”.

I posted recently about a trip to Southern Italy at the end of last year. Well, my interpretation of this weeks topic is about an incident while visiting the city of Naples. Winter in Southern Europe can be a real mixed bag of weather conditions, so anything is possible. The weather forecast had predicted a little bit of rain on this day, and there was a spit and a spot that morning, but all in all it seemed like the worst was over. So while venturing about through the old city in Naples, I noticed quite a few vendors selling umbrellas in the streets. Most people just walked by without really stopping to buy anything. I was approached by one of them, offering me an umbrella, but somehow he just didnt want to tell me the price, other than how wonderful the umbrella was, and that fact that I should really get one!! I figured he was just looking for a quick buck from an unsuspecting tourist :-). So, I fobbed him off and walked off.

As it turned out, not even 15 minutes later, the heavens opened up and there i was in the middle of a rainstorm!! Yes, you guessed it, without an umbrella :-). The irony of the situation is that minutes before you could have had your pick of umbrella sellers, but at that moment when an umbrella seller would have been a godsend, nothing!! They all seemed to just disappear the minute the rain started coming down.

The locals just took it in their stride, and whipped out their umbrellas, opened them up adding a kaleidoscope of colour and wonderful reflections to the otherwise dark, dull and not to mention wet scene. Everyone just seemed to be pretty prepared, and get on with what they were doing.

I of course “regret”ted not listening a little more to the umbrella guy, and sticking around long enough to get one. So, if the umbrella guy is reading this ” You were right, Dude :-)”. I tried to keep my spirits up and decided to take a few shots of the ensuing scenes, (while trying to keep myself and my camera dry:-), perhaps as a subtle reminder that maybe umbrella sellers know a little bit more about rain than a roving tourist 🙂

Todays images are some of those during my moments of “REGRET” ……………..the journey continues……………………..

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