Weekly Photo Challenge : Hope

It’s been a busy start to the New Year, as a result I did not manage to do a post for the last photo challenge 😦 simple.
So I figured that with this challenge I should really try and proverbially “kill two birds with one stone” and post something that represents my interpretation of hope, yet somehow incorporating some aspect of simple!
A short while ago I posted about Agulhas the most southern point in Africa, not far away from there is Stillbaai, a little fishing harbour that is quite simple :-). No complicated machinery, major breakwater, or any bells and whistles that you will find in your conventional “big city” harbour. Just a protected area from the sea with a simple breakwater that is used by fishermen and women, and fisher-children too πŸ™‚ not sure if one refers to children fishing as fisher-children, but I’m sure you get the picture. All, in their own way just hanging out on this pier or breakwater with all sorts of fishing gear, in the “hope” of landing the big one. The atmosphere is very relaxed, with a steady stream of fisherpeople arriving and leaving all the time.
So whilst these people set the scene for the kind of “hope” I’m posting about, I have posted images of the fishing boats that represent that same kind of “hope” in a slightly different way. There were numerous boats of varying sizes, some in the water, and some just parked on the shore, some large, others smaller, some powered by large engines, and others by onboard motors, and even some that look like they could be powered manually by oars. Yet, all of them looked like their work had been done for the day, or maybe they hadnt left yet, or maybe the weather was looking too daunting that it was unsafe to venture out into waht looked like a pending storm.
Somehow, the scene of these boats highlighted “hope” in different ways, hope that the days catch was a good one, hope that the weather would improve enough so the boats could go out, hope that the industry would continue to provide a sustainable future for all those that work in it, and most of all, hope that the people involved in the industry are environmentally sensitive to ensure that endangered species of fish are not eradicated.
I was out there on this dark overcast day, which presented the perfect backdrop to photograph these colourful boats………….. these are some of the shots I took ……….the journey continues………

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