Weekly Photo Challenge : Peaceful

When I saw this weeks challenge topic – Peaceful, I was reminded of some peaceful places that I had visited. For a moment I couldnt decide which of them I would post about. But, then I decided to try something different, well, maybe not exactly too different, maybe just a little 🙂

I recently travelled to Southern Italy, and one of the places I visited was Naples. Well, Peaceful is not exactly a word you would use to describe Naples, travel books, describe it as filthy, noisy, large, overbearing, crime infested, etc………….perhaps a little unfair to what is really a busy, vibrant City, with some really wonderful old buildings in the historic precinct. But, I guess everybody has their own perception of the place. The traffic during the Christmas season was absolutely chaotic, with Vespas coming at you from all directions, literally mingling with pedestrains and other traffic. Surviving a day walking through the traffic of Naples, without getting run over by a Vespa is an ongoing challenge for any tourist :-). I can see you wondering why you’re reading all of this in a post about Peaceful 🙂

Well, I discovered a really peaceful aspect of Naples, perhaps it should be described as a peaceful time of the day, but maybe with a little Artistic licence we can still refer to it as Peaceful…

I was fortunate enough to be in a room with a 5th floor terrace that overlooked the harbour and the historic old city. Considering it was mid winter (read late sunrise) and I had my camera with, I decided that it would be a good idea to try and take some shots at sunrise. Well, to my surprise, it was an amazingly peaceful time in what is normally a really busy City. There just seemed to be an incredible calm, like everything was on a deliberate pause……..the clouds filled the sky, and eased over every now and then to let the sunlight through. The sunlight then slowly filtered through and just bathed the beautifully detailed old buildings in warm morning light, adding to that peaceful tranquil moment. The Sea appeared to be completely calm with the still water being broken only by the early morning ferry heading out to the islands. For a moment you forgot about the normal hustle and bustle of the city……………A few minutes later the silence was broken by some shopkeepers moving some stuff into their shops…..and not much longer..morning had broken…….and the new day in the bustling City began……………the journey continues…………………

Todays images are some of those peaceful moments………………

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Peaceful

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  2. Great photos! I really understand what you say about the peacefulness of a not so peaceful place… Is all about the feeling you get in that particular moment.

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