Weekly Photo Challenge : Hidden

Weekly Photo Challenge time again 🙂 I’m a bit slow out of the blocks this week, but the old adge holds true, better late than never!! I received the mail with this weeks topic quite late on Friday, so I have a small excuse for a later post. 

I was walking on the Promenade alongside the sea yesterday evening as the sun was starting to set. Thee have been a few previous posts that have featured this location, perfect for watching sunsets with its west facing orientation. The weather had been a bit iffy for the whole day, with short bursts of rain, overcast skies at times, and bright sunshine with blus skies at others. As the sun slowly descended into the horizon, there was a huge cloud bank in front of it. And at that moment I remembered the topic for the challenge, “hidden”. And in this instance the sun was literally hidden by the clouds. Very appropriate for the challenge, and seeing that I had the camera, I took some shots. Difficult lighting, between the bright silver lining of the clouds, and the dark sea, but on the other hand, it just added to the drama of the scene. The scene was enhanced by the silhouettes created by the people in the foreground, adding shadows and scale. A pool of water left over from the rain, provided a perfect surface for reflections. As the sun descended further into the horizon, the glow behind the clouds turned to a fiery red, which looked like glowing coals on the surface of the water. …………..the journey continues…………….

Todays images are some of the shots that I captured………………..


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