Ocean sunset

As I posted yesterday, the Photo Challenge topic for this week, sunset, probably has most people thinking about the numerous images they had taken of sunset and how appropriate they would be for this challenge. Problem is exactly that, numerous images :-).

Either way, I’ve decided to post anothet with some of the other sunset images I have taken. They were all taken on the same evening, yet each has an almost unique look. The setting sun on the horizon transforms the sky into a palette of oranges, yellows and reds, and depending on the season, weather etc, the results can be very dramatic. The sky was incredbly red on the evening these were taken, making the scene look almost surreal. Fortunately, I was there to capture some images.  

Todays images are of these surreal scenes……………..The  journey continues……………..

9 thoughts on “Ocean sunset

  1. The wonderful thing about the sky is that it is the same one all over the world, just different tones and sunsets at different times. Yours are just wonderful, thank you

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