Weekly Photo Challenge – Sunset

Its Photo Challenge time again, with an incredible topic. Sunset, probably one of the most photographed aspects of nature. Very likely to be a favorite subject of anybody who has ever held a camera, certainly been one of my favourite subjects for a long time. Always difficult deciding which images to include in a photo challenge:-), hence the follow-up posts in recent photo challenges, and I can see this one is not going to be any different. Sunsets are amazing in that they work against any backdrop, mountains, sea, fields, cities, countryside, wherever, they’re just incredibly powerful.
Cape Town is perfectly positioned to enjoy sunsets throughout the year, being pretty close to the southernmost point of Africa means we have the best of both worlds when it comes to sun and sea. Yep! we have sunrise over the sea and sunset over the sea. Our extensive coastline affords us that opportunity.
Milnerton Beach is one of the more scenic spots to catch the sunset, about 15 mins drive from the City Centre, this is a west-facing beach, which stretches for kilometres, with a nice wide sand bank which is relatively shallow for a long distance in many areas. It has the wonderful backdrop of table mountain, lions head, robben island, and more recently the 2010 Cape Town Soccer stadium. Add to that an amazing sunset, with amazing reflections in the water gently flowing along the long beach, silhouettes of the people frolicking in and around the water’s edge and you have a winning combination to capture. A very popular beach throughout the year, more especially in summer, when sunset is a lot later, and families come down to the beach to cool off after a hot summers day, play about in the surf, or just come for a stroll, or walk the dog, perhaps to just take in the spectacle of an amazing sunset.
I was out there on one of these days, camera in hand, to get some shots. Today’s challenge images are some of the moments that I was able to capture……….the journey continues…………

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Sunset

  1. Great photos, and you’re right, this is a most popular photo subject. I think I like the fourth one, with the running person the best. I love how you’ve silhouetted people in the photos. Really adds a different dimension. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sixth picture is amazing, although all are great. Loved the silhouettes against the orange-golden background. 🙂

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