Wild flower fantasy……………

Lasts week’s photo challenge topic – Fall prompted me to do a post that was in direct contrast to the “fall” season, so my second challange post was about Spring in the southern hemisphere. Once again, this post too is about Spring. The wonderful thing about Spring is that it always arrives after a cold and dreary winter, as if Nature figures out that maybe some colour is required to just revitalise the dreary mood that permeates around winter time :-). And this year is no different, colours everywhere :-), So, whilst our Northern hemisphere counterparts are heading into Autumn, ( I suppose equally colourful, though in a diiminishing kind of way), weare fortunate enough to be heading into Spring with new colours blossoming all over the place. The amazing thing is that many of these wonderful colours are from plants that are growing in the wild, not ones that are carefully manicured, and watered on a regular basis, fed the right nutrients or anything like that.
Caledon is a little town about an hour out of Cape Town, I was recently driving through there and stumbled upon the Wild flower garden, there were some wonderful wild flowers in full bloom, in the garden. Of course I was keen to get some shots, but did not even need to go into the park to get them, because the area alongside the driveway was completely covered with various varieties, all perfectly poised in the morning light. Zooming in on them one notices how fragile and almost artificial they appear despite being classified as “wild”.

So todays images are some that were taken outside the Wild flower park – (sounds like a contradiction in terms – wildflower park :-):-) ..nevertheless a perfect example of the a wild flower fantasy¬†……….the journey continues ……..

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