Colourful contrasts………..

Yesterday, I posted an unconventional response to the Weekly Photo Challenge topic – Fall. This being my follow up post is going to be somewhat similar, in that its unconventional in its approach, though its also similar in that it also is about a season. I can see you’re wondering what I’m on about?? well, the fact is that while its FALL (or Autumn as we call it here) in the Northern Hemisphere, it is Spring in the Southern hemisphere. So colourful contrasts is about these two diametrically opposite seasons, opposite, yet both filled with colour. The falling leaves during FALL with a wonderfully warm colour palette and amazing light, and on the opposite end the bright vibrant colour palette of Spring with the blooming of new leaves and flowers.
I posted recently about the wild flowers in the Postberg reserve not too far out of Cape Town, and the wildflower displays at this time of the year. I was there a few weeks ago, camera in hand to capture some of the vibrant Spring colours.
Todays images are of the colourful contrasts of the FALL and shows off the arrival of Spring. Look out for pair of the Zebras who joined me in enjoying the splash of colour :-)…………………the journey continues…………..

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