Weekly Photo Challenge : Faces

Todays wonderful topic takes us back to the Annual Minstrels Carnival that is held in the streets of Cape Town on the eve of the every New Year. The Carnival kicks off at midnight, and is a colourful parade of costumes, dancing, music, competing teams etc. The teams compete in various categories, which range from the best costume to the best performance. The streets are filled with people who arrive in the early evening, well in advance to secure a suitable vantage point for viewing the proceedings. The colour is not only limited to the costumes, but also in the variety of painted faces, and masks that make their way through the streets. The parade continues for a few days into the New Year, so the opportunity to take some shots in daylight is available. I was out there on one of these days, camera in hand to take some shots.
Todays Photo Challenge images are very appropriate as they are of the “faces” that one sees on a parade like this, painted faces, masked faces, young faces, old faces, smiling faces, and grumpy ones, and amongst all of them funny ones too 🙂

The journey continues………………

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Faces

  1. Great post! I sure love the photo with the men in strips with arms outstretched. It reminds me of a cover of a record album or magazine cover page.

    I also wanted to let you know , I added your blog link on my blog on sidebar. I enjoy your posts so much I know some of my followers will love it as well.

  2. Looks like great fun – really like the one of the guy with the pink and silver on his face and the girl all in pink at the bottom with such a fascinating expression on her face.

  3. Wonderful photos – I guess I need to try to get down to Cape Town at this time of year… I hope I’ve done your city justice with my photos this week…

  4. Great set of faces. On a business trip to Cape Town I managed to get down to the V&A for a short while. There were so many street musician that I was able to photograph. It’s just a shame I didn’t have more time there…

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