textured boats……….

Following on from yesterdays weekly photo challenge – textured, I looked at some images I took of some boats at the fishing harbour of Hout Bay, which is not too far from the City centre.

I had dabbled with some HDR previously, without much success, but this is a journey, so I persevere :-). I was there on quite a grey and gloomy day, so decided to try some bracketed exposures, which would provide some material to try out more HDR processing on. As it turned out, the images have quite a bit of texture on them, and would provide a suitable “second post” opportunity.

So I put the bracketed image sets together and came up with these composite images. Perhaps a little over saturated, but HDR is supposed to have a larger dynamic range, nevertheless highlights the textured look perfectly adequately, in my opinion..:-) . I wouldn’t say the process was entirely successful, but considering how little I know about HDR, they are a good starting point…………………………the journey continues……………………

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