yellow fever…………….

A few years ago, I was driving out of town heading off to a little village about an hours drive from the City. The road is fairly wide, and winds its way through residential areas, until eventually, the concentration of residential becomes quite diluted and the surroundings become more country like. As I watched the last residential area fade away into the distance in my rear view mirror, I noticed these undulating yellow fields in front of me. What a captivating sight, a sea of yellow contrasted against the green foliage and the blue sky. These were fileds of Canola, which are processed to make cooking oil, as far as I know. I hadnt been shooting very actively then, so on that occasion I did not have my camera with, yet still marvelled at how incredible the scene was.

I suppose I made a mental note of where it was and that some time in future it wuld be good to get out there with a camera. But, life happens and we dont always remember all the little mental notes we make. Those that have read some of my previous posts would be aware that I am shooting more actively nowadays, and seek out opportunities to shoot whenever I can.  I posted about the coming of spring, and the flowers recenty, so I wondered if the Canola fields were also in bloom. Determined to find out, I set out last weekend, this time with the camera, and as I cleared the crest of the hill, I noticed the familiar yellow undulating carpet  :-). Maybe a few years later, but still very much as impressive and radiant.  

As you can imagine, numerous shooting opportunities, and different things to try, these were some of the shots I took, I’ll post a few others in the days to come……………..the journey continues………………………… 

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