ocean pathway…………….

The weekly photo challenges always seem to prompt me to do a mental scan of all images that I may have taken that meet the criteria of the topic for that week. Fortuntely, I always seem to have something that is appropriate, and relevant. Nevertheless, I still find my self lingering on the topic after I have made the first post, wondering if anything else fits the bill too 🙂 So, more often than not, I’ve posted a second, and on one occasion a third post on the topic.
This week is no exception, while thinking about the path topic, considering my post was out of the Country, it prompted me to think of something that was shot at “home”. I remembered some shots I took at Big bay, a popular beach area for surfers. Not sure if the “big bay” connotation has anything to do with the size of waves, or if that just happens to be a coincidence. So, once again, lets just do a geographical migration back to South Africa, beacuse thats where todays post is 🙂

I happened to be in the Big bay area recently, fortunately with my camera, and discovered that the beach is very easily accesible via a path that leads off from the parking area of an adjacent shopping centre, on approaching the shore, you notice this timber walkway which literally leads you into the ocean. It is such a powerful lead in element that, you can almost visualise a surfer walking down along this path and heading off into the ocean. On this particular day, the sky was filled with clouds, and the sun was trying to punch its way through, making for a very dramatic scene. 🙂

Well, I didn’t have to visualise for too long, because as I stood there shooting, lo and behold, this surfer arrived, board in hand and walked down the pathway into the ocean…………………the journey continues……………..

Todays images are of the walkway, which will allow you to do the visualisation, the final image is the realisation of the visualisation, the surfer on the path…………..

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