hanging by a thread………………

Once again, I’m going to mention this weeks photo challenge topic – Up, and this time about the possibilities that come up in  your mind once you’ve made a post. So you can bet I’ve had a few ideas since then :-). I’ve already made two posts on the topic, both of them outside the country, way “up” North in Scandinavia, so I decided that even though this one was not officially a photo challenge post, it should travel all the way “down” south back home. Yep! thats right “down” completely opposite to “up”. But, fear not, once we get here, we go up again :-). Hopefully all this change in direction is not becoming confusing 🙂

Recently, I was told by a good freind that there was an interesting opportunity outside the building of a luxury Hotel downtown. So, when I had an opportunity, I went down camera in hand. As you can see it is a realtively tall building, and there were a few workmen doing some maintenance work on the facades. Only problem, is there are sheer vertical faces, without any ledges, or rails to hold on to. Yes! they were literally hanging onto a thread, like “human sized” spiders that were completely dwarfed by the size of the building. And not unlike the spider, they were pulling themselves up, and lowering themselves  down the vertical face of the building, like on a huge web of some sort. Once they got to the spot they were working on, they stopped and did whatever maintenance work they had to do, before moving on to the next area. I’m not really afarid of heights, but watching these guys was enough to make your fingers tingle and your palms get all sweaty :-), rather them than me :-):-)

I  stopped staring for a moment, so I could take the following images……………….. The journey continues…………………………

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