Weekly Photo Challenge : Up

Another great Photo Challenge topic, Up, providing opportunities for numerous interpretations. For my post today, I want to start off by heading North, so “up    ‘ on the map :-). Those who have visited my blog before will know I am based in Cape Town, South Africa, and todays blog takes us all the way to Bergen in Norway, yes, way up there 🙂 . Bergen has many mountains around the City and Ulrikken is the highest at 643 metres. Now the South African relationship with superlatives is well documented on this blog, so it stands to reason, when I visited the City, I chose to hike “up”  the highest one :-). It is an incredibly scenic walk, and is highly recommended.

The views from above of the City and the distant fjords are absolutely amazing. While I was there, I watched some paragliders who were enjoying the afternoon “up” above the City. There were quite a few, literally just floating along being held “up” by the huge brightly coloured sails of the glider. I can only imagine how much better the view was from “up” there.

Todays images are of these paragliders…………….The journey continues…………………….

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