perfect landing………………..

Todays blog stays very much in line with yesterdays blog about sunset, silhouette and sea, though we have another visit from some friends of Nelson 🙂 Those that have been reading my blog for a while will know Nelson .. the seagull. Well, I was out on the Promenade taking some shots of the sunset not too long ago. There I was just getting on with my shooting, adjusting settings on my camera, composing the shots etc. And out of the blue arrives this seagull, he looked a bit younger than Nelson (come to think of it could have been a she too :-)) I’m none the wiser..Anyway, so out of the blue this seagull arrives and does a perfect landing on one of the bollards, barely half a metre away from me. So, shortly after landing, the bird (…gotta be PC here 🙂 was joined by another, and before long one was reaching out its neck to see what I was doing, almost in a supervisory kind of way 🙂 But a bit more subtle than Nelson, who sounds like he is actually shouting out instructions , Nelsons buddies just kept peering inquisitively :-). When I stopped shooting I noticed the birds were gone. Looks like Nelsons keeping an eye on me courtesy of his friends 🙂

The journey continues……………………

Todays images are of the sunset I was shooting, Nelsons buddy landing and checking me out….

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