moving silhouettes………..

Yesterdays post was about shooting flowing water at slow shutter speeds to try and capture the effect of moving water on a still image. Clearly, a skill I have some work to do on. As it turned out, those images were taken along the coastline where I had just pulled over on the side of the road. A short while later I was driving back, and noticed that despite the fact that the setting sun had already disappeared below the horizon, the orange glow was still lingering around. I noticed the reflections on the remaining water in the tidal pool, and decided to pull over once again and shoot a few more images. The tripod was folded and packed away, so I didnt bother with that, and decided to just try and shoot handheld. It was then I noticed a group of people walking along the outer edge of the pool, silhouetted against the orange sky. Only problem was, they were moving! I figured it was not exactly polite, or very appropriate for me to shout out to them to stop so I could get a decent shot. So I took a few shots anyway. Yes, theyre not as sharp as I would like, and the silhouettes, are a bit blurred from the motion, but I got what I saw, and that in this instance was good enough for me :-), I hope you wont mind either ………………the journey continues…………….

Todays images are of the moving silhouettes against the orange sky..

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