…..wood for the trees……..

It’s been a while since I had been to Tokai Forest, situated on the Eastern slopes of Table Mountain. A Nature reserve that is home to extensive plantations of what I think are Pine and Eucalyptus trees, which are considered Alien. There are also indigenous trees but the area appears to have a larger proportion of the Aliens. But with my limited knowledge of trees, I would have to qualify that by saying, I speak under correction :-). Essentially a forest, which was pretty obvious to anyone who visted the place. There are a huge number trees, in close proximity to one another towering above the ground, as if reaching to the sky. The tress create an amazing canopy through which light filters resulting in a wonderful atmosphere below. The area has designated picnic spots, mountain bike trails, even horse riding areas. The area is frequented by hikers, and walkers too, some just out for a stroll, urging their dogs to get some exercise.

When I visited the area recently, it became obvious that there had been some serious harvesting of the trees over time. I remember reading something about the working for water campaign which promotes the removal of aliens which consume large amounts of water, and replace them with indigenous trees that are more water efficient, once again, only what I recall reading. There are obviouly two schools of thought, those that are for and against the removal of these trees. Forgetting the green aragument for a moment, I felt the area was losing some of the character of the place. Yes, there were still areas with trees, but there were also large expanses of land where the trees had been already felled.

I walked around taking a few shots, and came across a pile of what was now wood, which would have been one of the trees I talked about earlier. Hopefully, it was destined to be used somewhere close, and not shipped off somewhere else, generating a much larger carbon footprint than if it remained in the first place.

The journey continues…………………………

Todays images are an attempt to show the atmosphere under these tress, and the pile of wood which they become at the end of this “alien” removal program.

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